Our Story

Look younger. Feel happier. Live longer.

Gingie Spa & Massage Founder Zhenni’s vision for a modern-day spa refuge was inspired by her upbringing in a wellness conscious household. Taking part in holistic daily practices rooted in Chinese culture has given Zhenni the insight to provide Woodmere with an unparalleled spa experience.

Where did the name Gingie originate, you may ask? The name Gingie is inspired by Zhenni’s black & white American short-hair cat, Ginger. Ginger the cat is friendly, affectionate, caring and connected to her family. Gingie is also based on the herb Ginger. Ginger has been used for thousands of years as a traditional herbal treatment which promotes healing.

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The sacred art of healing is at the center of our work and is the guiding intention going into each spa service. We believe our spa gives you the connection that springs from human touch – a connection people in the modern age are missing. Many of us are seeking the opportunity to return to our authentic self, and there’s no better way than to place priority on the moments where you can release stress and restore and rebalance your energy. Marrying traditional practices with new discoveries and innovations is how we give our guests the gift of looking younger, feeling happier, and living longer. You can enjoy all of this in a neighborhood location that utilizes the ambiance and amenities of a resort spa.

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In order to deliver the nurturing and immersive environment we all crave, Zhenni knew she would need to find the perfection location. Yulu and Allen from Hanna Howard Realtor introduced Zhenni to Eton Mall on Chagrin Boulevard, a place where her spa could be nestled among authentic one-of-a-kind boutiques, fine dining experiences, and the nation’s top brands such as Tiffany’s, Apple, and Eileen Fisher. From there the area’s best architectural designer, contractor, and project manager combined their talents to make Zhenni’s dream a reality. Walking into our doors, you are immediately struck by the beauty and rejuvenating powers of surroundings designed to promote overall self-care. We owe our success to those who helped Zhenni and her husband Kevin see this dream come to fruition, including business partners and close friends Lily and Peter whose unshakeable encouragement and support is irreplaceable.

Our experts invite you to weave wellness seamlessly into your life by visiting Gingie Spa & Massage.